The vision of BraveMaker is to elevate brave voices.

Artists and storytellers are prophets, creative forces in our world that speak to our need for justice, beauty, diversity, equality and spirituality. This is a painstakingly difficult calling.

My goal as a filmmaker, a BraveMaker, is to make provocative, life changing media that creates meaningful experiences. I not only want to entertain but to incite dialogue, awareness and bravely shape our culture. I believe in the power of story relayed through films and I want to empower others who have these same aspirations.

BraveMaker's mission is to invest in filmmakers and coach creators to tell their stories and gather audiences to engage in essential conversations and explore life's meaningful questions.

BraveMaker celebrates diversity and aspires to help foster inclusion across communities through guided discussions and powerful authentic storytelling.

The world needs us to share brave stories. Making, discussing and applying art can be one of the bravest acts of our lives. 


Brave stories change the world. You are the story!

-Tony Gapastione tony@bravemaker.com

Founder & Filmmaker

Are you a filmmaker? Do you have a brave story to tell? Let us help. The world needs a brave maker like you.

Do you love the arts and believe in their power to influence and shape culture? Then donate today and invest in making brave films that lead to transforming conversations.


Tony Gapastione  @tonygapastione

Tony Gapastione


Tony Gapastione

Fest Founder, Filmmaker, Producer

Tony is a husband, father and filmmaker. He founded BraveMaker as a non-profit film arts organization to mentor, support and elevate brave voices through film and create space for transforming community conversations. His life is all about telling stories and collaborating with storytellers. He and his wife, three daughters and best furry friend, Cubby, live in Redwood City.

rhobertino@bravemaker.com  @rh0b3rt1n0



RHOBERTINO (Roberto Regalado Jr)

Fest Programmer + Assistant Director + Media/PR Liaison

You may recognize Rhobertino from “150 Faces of Our Community”,  Redwood City’s sesquicentennial celebration and acknowledgement or RWC Main Library Art Exhibition Jury Selection recipient on numerous occasions . As a Redwood City native, creative by nature and attune from a musical environment, Rhobertino continues to instinctively follow his passion for the arts and his purpose in life as a Filmmaker / Producer. Soon after receiving American Advertising Federation’s Most Promising Minority Student Award and a BS Advertising, minor in Graphic Design degree from SJSU, he worked in news media with Noticias Univision and NBC as a News Photographer / Video Editor. Passion for cinema and creating strong storytelling, lead to earning an AA Cinema Production degree from CCSF. In addition, Rhobertino has been covering local entertainment events, show producing for News Up Now and will produce his first feature film this Fall. When not busy on shoots, art + entertainment events, concerts or analyzing films at film festivals, you will find this socialite creating artwork, taking photos (film), reading books, traveling the world or hiking in nature.

rebekah@bravemaker.com  @ramosa_kah



Rebekah Amosah

Fest programmer + Creative Developer

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Rebekah would say “A Renaissance woman.” Her professional and educational backgrounds include non-profit management, UNLEASH Innovation Lab Alumna, MoMA Modern Art course mentor, diplomas in marketing and business, BA of Arts in Fashion Design (specializing in sustainable design), and course work in art direction and concept development. Originally from Canada, Rebekah moved to the Bay Area from Spain a little over a year ago. After a chance meeting with Tony,  she learned about BraveMaker and began volunteering right away, excited by the mission and the creative possibilities available within film. In her spare time she loves to travel, read, meditate and try out delicious vegan recipes. Most weekends you can find her spending time in nature with her husband and dog.

jessica@bravemaker.com  @jess_musgrave



Jessica Musgrave

Fest Producer

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia/Animation at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, Jessica quickly began her filmmaking journey gravitating toward the work of a Producer. She has a true passion for bringing stories to life through film. Her experience also includes storyboarding, casting, animation, and production coordination/management.  She currently produces with BraveMaker Media doing films, podcasts and film festivals. She resides in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter.

neirar@gmail.com  @rneirapirro



Roberto Neira

Bravemaker Captain

bio coming soon

evan.ajuria@gmail.com  @evanajuria



Evan ajuria

Bravemaker Captain

bio coming soon

kasuuumi618@gmail.com  @kasuuumi



Kasumi Suzuki

Volunteer Coordinator

bio coming soon

julesbpierce@gmail.com  @purplerobotsgreencats



Jules Pierce

Volunteer Coordinator

After living in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Australia, Jules moved with her husband to the Bay Area. In the last 8 years her focus was mainly recruiting and sales as well as mentoring teams and  business trainings. She currently uses her time to explore different paths beyond her recruiting career and is involved in diverse Redwood City based non-profit organizations to be an active part of the community she now calls home. She enjoys spending time with her foster felines, traveling the US and the rest of the world and hardly says no to good food and a local craft beer.



Bravemaker Captain

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