Our Vision

The vision of BraveMaker is to elevate brave voices.

Artists and storytellers are prophets, creative forces in our world that speak to our need for justice, beauty, diversity, equality and spirituality. This is a painstakingly difficult calling.

My goal as a filmmaker, a BraveMaker, is to make provocative, life changing media that creates meaningful experiences. I not only want to entertain but to incite dialogue, awareness and bravely shape our culture. I believe in the power of story relayed through films and I want to empower others who have these same aspirations.

BraveMaker's mission is to invest in filmmakers and coach creators to tell their stories and gather audiences to engage in essential conversations and explore life's meaningful questions.

BraveMaker celebrates diversity and aspires to help foster inclusion across communities through guided discussions and powerful authentic storytelling.

The world needs us to share brave stories. Making, discussing and applying art can be one of the bravest acts of our lives. 


Brave stories change the world. You are the story!

-Tony Gapastione tony@bravemaker.com

Founder & Filmmaker

Are you a filmmaker? Do you have a brave story to tell? Let us help. The world needs a brave maker like you.

Do you love the arts and believe in their power to influence and shape culture? Then donate today and invest in making brave films that lead to transforming conversations.