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Board Member attributes

  1. Experienced contributor in the marketplace with strong business and marketplace savvy
  2. Skilled in a creative art and/or passionate to see the arts elevated in culture
  3. Kingdom minded: Passionate to influence culture for good with the love and grace of God
  4. Brave: willing to push boundaries, speak truth, seek justice, take risks

Commitments & Expectations

  1. Champion Brave Maker and its vision, mission, & values.
  2. Attend regular board meetings (1st Mondays monthly?) to consult, approve and forward the work of Brave Maker
  3. Support Brave Maker to financial stability (craft/approve budget, seek grants, hold donor parties)
  4. Monthly 1-1 connection with Tony over coffee

Goals for 2018

  1. Raise $250,000 for salaries, camera gear, rent, supplies, and events
  2. Pilot Bay retreat for ten artists October 19-21 in partnership with Via Veterra
  3. Develop Brave Maker church network, consulting relationship with seven churches by December
  4. Develop Creative Arts forum November 17th. Spiral Up to connect and inspire creatives.
  5. Weekly videos on Brave Maker Page
  6. Film one feature film by December
  7. Create bookkeeping system, recruit volunteer, hire CPA

Goals for 2019

  1. Hire part time editor/cinematographer
  2. Brave Maker Church network 10 churches
  3. Sundance trip with five filmmakers
  4. Spring Artist Retreat March 8-10
  5. Film Fest June 1-2 in Redwood City
  6. Fall Artist Retreat October 11-13
  7. Film two feature films by end of year

Goals for 2020

  1. Expand film fest, 3 days, add art & music 5-7
  2. Brave Maker Church network 15 churches