God is an artist. God is a creator. He creates change. He creates makers to create change and stories are a powerful vehicle for changing lives. The creative arts touch us in powerful ways, illuminate truths and are a great partner with scripture.

I love to help churches develop intentional values around creativity and bringing value to artists.

We as the church need to empower those makers and creatives in our community to tell their stories, create their art, make their films and share their passions!  (And I'm not just talking about during Easter and Christmas). We need to learn to partner and collaborate better. It's possible.  And I am speaking from experience. I'm both filmmaker, (writer/director) and an actor.

But I also spent twenty years in vocational ministry so I have been on both sides. As the creative arts pastor of large church I spent time preaching and teaching. I curated worship gatherings, created and executed large holiday celebrations, and invited and empowered artists to contribute their skills, gifts and passions. It was incredibly challenging endeavor. It's difficult enough to align worship pastors, lead pastors, teaching pastors and youth pastors on vision, let alone to support artists well, and not use them only to do work for our Sunday series or church programs.

I love the church and want to see it thrive. We are God's people on a mission to love others like Jesus loves us. I love to empower pastors and churches. I am here to consult and partner with churches and creatives of all kinds.  I wan to inspire you and God work and speak through his people. I'd love to help you and your church in any way.

I can speak and teach on any topic or scripture.

I can facilitate a creative workshop.

I can consult on executing your vision artistically.

I can write/direct/produce video content, stories.

I can speak into your creative potential.

I can consult on, create and /or run your social media.

You can contact me at 650-701-7661 or for a free phone consultation.

My wife and our three daughters live in the Bay Area of Northern California. Stalk me on my social media to get a feel of my style and if I'd be a right fit for you and your vision.