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May 13th: Fight Cancer with Film!

  • Redwood City Century 20 825 Middlefield Road Redwood City, CA, 94063 United States (map)

There are people that wish for miracles to happen, and then there are people that make them happen. This is a film about perseverance in the face of huge adversity, and to not let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. 
After over three plus years battling stage 4 breast cancer, Trish Russo and her husband Greg, make the controversial decision to embark on a journey to have a child using an egg donor and a surrogate. The couple pick up the camera and turn it on themselves, initially to provide a resource for others who need to use alternative technology to build a family but it becomes much more than that. With both tears and laughter, we follow Trish and Greg as they get unique offers from friends and family to be surrogates and egg donors, follow them in the OR as they retrieve eggs and transfer embryos, and finally experience all the nerves and joys of pregnancy and birth. This is a never before seen look into the battle against metastatic breast cancer, as well as infertility, IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy. Moreover, it is about undying motherly love and a love letter to an unborn child.

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Filmmaker, mother and cancer survivor  TRICIA RUSSO will be in attendance at the event for the panel discussion.

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