Hey! I’m Tony Gapastione. I’ve been acting in the Bay Area for twenty years and for the past five I’ve been writing, directing, and producing my own films. Check out my two shorts on Amazon Prime: Neighbor and 1440 and Counting and my website (www.tonygap.com) for more about me.

I’m currently developing and fundraising for feature films as well as hosting monthly film screenings with filmmaker Q&A’s. I’ve launched BRAVEMAKER, an organization focused on making provocative, life changing media. I started this film (non-profit) company from the ground up and if selected, you get to join the movement help grow it. We have a large group of filmmakers who are banding together to create and make the Bay Area a place where filmmakers can both live and work! You can check out our new podcast on Apple, Stitcher, or Spotify where we interview creators on their work and process. Click here: BraveMaker podcast.

We are doing non-paid internships for a few BRAVE filmmakers every quarter, including summer. Could that be you? (Year-long internships available as well). Do you need college credit? Look into your university’s policies to see if it could work for you.

This internship will give you first hand knowledge of the filmmaking process in all its glory and hard work. You’ll get experience screenwriting, developing, budgeting, pre-production, directing, producing, filming, editing and more! I have offices in San Carlos but we will do work all up and down the peninsula from SF to San Jose. (But during the summer you need to be available to come into the office least one day a week, 10am-5pm and I would prefer two days, with a maximum of five days and some weekend work/events).

Why am I doing internships? Because it’s making films is the best way to learn how to make films. I never had the ability to go to film school. Being on set and making films was how I learned how to make movies. It’s not easy, but I love it and I want to share that love and hard work with others. During your internship we will be doing lots of short film work, docs, story videos, producing podcasts, covering events, and serving at the BraveMaker monthly screenings and Film Fest May 15-17, 2020. More on that here: https://www.bravemaker.com/filmfest.

On the set of 1440 and Counting, available on AMAZON PRIME

On the set of 1440 and Counting, available on AMAZON PRIME

The hours can be flexible (you can do editing work from home at at night) and you need to have your own transportation. Shooting and editing knowledge and experience a plus but a willingness to learn, work hard and be fun to work with is non-negotiable. (Start/End dates flexible for UC students and/or High School students). Watch this video from our first summer crew.

Want to apply?

If you are interested: Send me the following in an email to tony@bravemaker.com

  1. Name and bio (no more than 250 words). Make us interested! What are you passionate about? What kind of stories do you like to tell?

  2. Send links to any of your work. Anything. Youtubes, short films, scripts, etc. If you don’t have anything yet, make something! Looking for aspiring FILMMAKERS who write, produce, film, and edit (or any combination of the above).

  3. Why do you want to do this internship?

  4. Do you have any film gear? If not, it’s OK your cell phone and computer will work! Do you edit? On what program?

  5. Who can be a reference to tell me about your character and work ethic? Send

    two names, with numbers, and emails.

  6. Include your social handles, website, any questions you have, and your cell.

Thanks, we’ll be in touch.

Tony Gapastione


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