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1: Richard levien

Filmmaker Richard Levein won the audience award at the Mill Valley Film Festival October 2018 with his touching coming of age immigration story: Collisions. His film stars Jesse Garcia (currently filming Netflix's Narcos: Mexico and the El Rey Network's From Dusk Til Dawn) and Ana de la Reguera (also of TV shows like Narcos, Amazon's Goliath and Power).  He had all star cast of two amazing children as well. 
Listen in to hear the journey of bravely making this movie and telling this story. 
Richard did a private screening for BraveMaker on 12/17/18 in Redwood City. 



2: Get to know bravemakers tony & Rebekah

Filmmakers. Storytellers. Drive-thru tellers. Tony & Rebekah interview each other and share their creative journeys. 

Rebekah on IG

Tony on IG

Questions, comments, or composed music? email: podcast@bravemaker.comPost/respond on social with:v#bravemakerpodcast

Rebekah is one of our volunteers donating her time to serve the BraveMaker community.


3: I’ll push you

500 Miles. 2 best friends. 1 wheelchair. 

That is I'LL PUSH YOU an incredible documentary by filmmakers Terry Parish and Chris Karcher. This interview co-director Terry Parish came to the BraveMaker office before our monthly screening to share about his journey.

For more on Terry's creative agency see: 

http://www.emota.com/#/ For more on the film or to order: Use code: BraveMaker for a discount. https://www.illpushyou.com/