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  1. Filmmaker Richard Levien of “Collisions.”

2. Get to know Tony + Rebekah

3. I’ll push you: 500 Miles. 2 best friends. 1 wheelchair. 

4. Fashion Designer Sheena Karegi

5. Brave LGBTQ+ Stories

6. Diptee Thapa from Spain

7. Andre Henry the anti-racist Instigator

8. Bias with Robin Hauser, Filmmaker

9. Author Diana Kelly

10. Filmmaker Jon Fusco of “The Guy”

11. Filmmaker + Cancer Survivor Tricia Russo of “Love Always, Mom'“

12. Filmmaker Kevin O’Brien of “At The End of the Day”

13. Filmmaker + Podcaster Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle

14. 2019 Fest Recap with Tony + Rebekah

15. Singer/Songwriter Becky Alex

16. YouTuber: Katya Constantine from Spain

17. Writer/Actor/Producer: Jeremy Ray Valdez

18. Filmmaker Nick Borenstein

19. Actor/Filmmaker/LGBTQ+Advocate: River Gallo

20. Writer (and sometimes actor) Irving Ruan