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Join us for our next FREE FILM SCREENING + PANEL DISCUSSION TUESDAY APRIL 30th in Redwood City.

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Free film screening at the Fox Theater Tuesday April 30th




WHAT:    BraveMaker and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative are hosting a special FREE screening of the documentary, HBO’s “The Sentence,” a film about Cindy Shank, a mother of three serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison for her peripheral involvement with a Michigan drug ring years earlier. This intimate portrait of mandatory minimum drug sentencing's devastating consequences, chronicled by Cindy's brother, Rudy Valdez, follows Cindy and her family over the course of a decade. Watch the trailer here.

WHY:  April is Second Chances Month: an opportunity to discuss the impact of incarceration on our communities, and how we can support those who are re-entering society. Founded in 2018, BraveMaker is a local organization on a mission to elevate brave voices that speak to the need for social justice, equality and diversity. CZI’s Criminal Justice Reform program, launched in 2017, supports efforts to safely reduce incarceration, provide fair chances for those impacted, and to lift up the voices of people closest to the problem.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 30

6:00pm: Reception

7:00pm: Film screening

8:30pm: Discussion and Q&A with the film’s director, Rudy Valdez

WHERE:    Fox Theatre Redwood City

        2215 Broadway

        Redwood City, CA 94063

        Parking information can be found here.

        Secure your FREE ticket here.

WHO: Tony Gapastione, Founder, BraveMaker

Rudy Valdez, Director of “The Sentence”

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

PUBLIC CONTACT:    For more information about this event, please contact  

tony@bravemaker.com or at www.bravemaker.com/events

For more information about Bravemaker, please visit www.bravemaker.com. For more information about the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, please visit www.chanzuckerberg.com.


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