Redwood City, Ca

June 1-2, 2019

Actor Jeremy Ray Valdez & Writer/Director Tony Gapastione at the screening of their film 1440 and Counting.

Actor Jeremy Ray Valdez & Writer/Director Tony Gapastione at the screening of their film 1440 and Counting.


BraveMaker is launching its inaugural film festival June 2019. You could be screening your film in the the heart of the San Francisco Bay area in the beautiful theater district of downtown Redwood City, California known for it's great food and culture. We are looking for BRAVE STORIES, feature films and shorts, animation and live action that showcase our theme: the BRAVE NEW WAY. We invite you to submit your films that demonstrate diversity and inclusion through brave cinema, brave characters, brave techniques and brave characters. We want to celebrate films in all genres that bravely explore new ways to think, new ways to live, a new ways to interact with others, and/or new ways to make films and tell stories. BraveMaker invites you to engage with your audience and gives you two screenings of your film over the weekend of June 1-2nd. We are committed to supporting and empowering women, filmmakers of color and the LGBTQ community. We exist to elevate brave voices who care about beauty, justice, relationships, diversity and spirituality.

Brave Stories change the world and we want to celebrate YOURS with live screenings, red carpet, Q&A's and parties!

BraveMaker Film Fest proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform. FilmFreeway offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits, and more. Click now to submit with FilmFreeway.

Our Festival will be screening all films in DCP format, the industry standard playback format for digital cinema. If you have a DCP, great! You can send us a copy at no additional cost. If you need a DCP, our production partner, Cinematiq, will help create a DCP for you to screen at this festival. As an exhibiting filmmaker, you'll receive a special rate of $5/minute to create a DCP, 50% off regular rates for DCP creation. You'll have the option to make additional DCP copies for use at other festivals as well. You can learn more about Cinematiq's DCP creation services here: Cinematiq DCPs


Do you love movies? Do you love good stories? Do you like popcorn? Do you like event planning? Do you like organizing, marketing, book keeping, social media, meeting new people (especially creative filmmaker and actor types)? If you answered YES to any of those questions and you are NOT ALREADY tapped out in your volunteer responsibilities then give us an email and let's talk. Email



DO YOU WANT TO GIFT THE BAY AREA COMMUNITY WITH GREAT FILM? DO YOU WANT TO SCHMOOZE WITH PEOPLE CHANGING CULTURE THROUGH THEIR ART? WANT TO SEE YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS and have perks to give away to your clients? Do you want your business associated with the innovation of Hollywood? We have five levels of sponsorships that come with all sorts of perks! This is just the beginning. All sponsorships will be tax-deductible. Email for more info. 

Executive Producer - Step & Repeat priority branding, Named sponsor of event in print & digital, VIP parties, 10 VIP Passes,  25 movie tickets, meet & greets, commercials, social media promotion.

Creative Producer - Print & Digital sponsor, VIP parties, 5 VIP passes, 20 movie tickets, meet & greets, commercials, social media promotion.

Associate Producer - Digital sponsor-P parties, 4 VIP passes, 15 tickets, meet & greets, commercials, social media promotion.

Co-Producer - Film block sponsor, 3 VIP passes, 5 tickets, meet & greets, social media promotion.

Assistant Producer - Film block sponsor, 2 VIP passes, meet & greets, social media promotion.

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June 1-2, 2019 mark your calendar. Tickets go on sale in April 2019 when films are announced!